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Two games are played, which involve two opposing teams. The aim is either elimination of the opponents players or other aim achieved in the shortest time. Winner is the team with greater number of players survived. Two games are played between two opposing teams. Minimum number of players - 10.
Each player gets: Gun - marker, protective helmet, 60 balls per player, protective clothing and gloves. Each playing team has an instructor and a referee.

Feel the adrenaline in your veins and submerge into the wonderful game.

  Off road   OFF ROAD

Give yourself an exciting adventure and extreme experiences with jeeps. This is a challenge you have to experience.
The route is: town of Troyan Beklemeto Place Dermenka Hut town of Troyan. Another picturesque route is along the ancient Roman road Via Trayana: Aidushko Sborishte Place Beklemeto Place town of Troyan.
The off road drive is conducted with a professional guide. You need suitable clothes, a spirit of contest and a camera - to capture all the unforgettable moments and the beautiful nature.


The horse riding is conducted at Aidushko Sborishte Place, situated 15 km from the town of Troyan. For the advanced horse-riders we offer passages amidst the attractive nature of the Troyan Balkan. For the beginners, the rides are aided by an instructor.


If you prefer these sports and hunting, you may enjoy yourself and try your skills in shooting with one of the most ancient hunting weapons or with a pneumatic model of the contemporary guns. That amusement is conducted at Aidushko Sborishte Place.

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Picnic at Aidushko Sborishte Place
For the persons fond of wonderful nature and for the connoisseurs of the traditional Bulgarian cuisine, we offer an outing in the mountain and a lunch on the meadow of Aidushko Sborishte Place.

Enjoy the fresh air and the delicious grill!
Minimum number of persons per group - 10 persons.
The price includes: transportation, guide and lunch.
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